10 songs to listen to while your plane is late

Patience is a virtue

Yes, your plane is late and you have already read our article to keep gentleman mode on (http://www.educationtrainingnetwork.com/magazine/2016/07/28/10-things-to-do-while-waiting-at-the-airport/).

Yet you cannot relax: you count the hostesses to fall asleep and importunate a flock of sheep to find out some information on the new departure time.

You are confused and tired and it’s not your fault.

And that is why we offer you 10 songs to help you enjoy the time that separates you from “fasten your seatbelts”, hands over your ears to not hear the roar of the engine and good night until landing.

Are you ready? Let’s start:

Replacements Waitress in the Sky – Paul Westerberg with his teddy boy accent will make you smile during the chorus of this ironic song dedicated to his sister, “you are nothing but a waitress in the sky” A sweet and docile revenge.

Elbow Great Expectations – the protagonist imagines his wedding on a bus, with the Stockport supporters to act as the choir. You’re on a plane, so the wedding could be more gorgeous. The song is poignant and poetic, ideal for getting lost in the clouds and draw origami of love.

Tom Waits Hold On – Hold on, wait, and to take your mind off, think about the girl with charcoal eyes and Monroe hips described by the gravel voice of Mr Waits.

Mika Relax (Take it easy) – Need we say more?

Peter Gabriel Don’t Give Up – Sweet Peter wrote the perfect song to embrace courage. Don’t give up, chin up. Ok, after all it’s only a delayed plane, so do not put too much pathos when you sing it: save the energy for the rainy days.

Queen Spread your Wings. Sammy was depressed and so he spread his wings and flew away. And that’s what you would like to do right now, if you had an unpredictable soul. Sure, you’re not Freddie Mercury but then you’re in an airport, so don’t scream too much: you can whistle the tune while watching the board of arrivals and departures.

U2 Where the streets have no name. The music starts slowly, then comes the famous riff from Edge, the powerful rhythm section of Clayton and Larry Mullen and Bono’s voice singing of roads that do not have a name … like the ones on which you will travel shortly. So relax, set the voice and sings like Bono, if you can.

Pearl Jam Indifference – “I will light a match this morning so I won’t be alone” Eddie Vedder sings in this mournful song of resignation. You are not alone, but you have other passengers to share your mood and your frustration for the delay. And forget the matches, they might trigger the alarm.

Bruce Springsteen No Surrender – Whats’ better than the Boss to go through a bad moment? Mighty drums, a wall of organ and piano and Bruce imploring us to not surrender. And then all standing on the waiting room seats to recite “O Captain My Captain” with Springsteen instead of President Lincoln. But first make sure that the airport staff has a sense of humor and poetic mood.

Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World – Many people lost a vocal cord trying to imitate the voice of the great Louis. Please, avoid bad impression and save your voice to protest calmly. Moreover, the dreamy mood of the song should help you stay calm.

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