10 things to do while waiting at the airport

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Airport delay

The taxi has just left you at the airport. Now you drag your suitcase, being careful not to leave some wheels on the floor and then you show off at the check-in.

You go through the security check, not without difficulty: you take apart your PC a couple of times, lose 3 euro and 37 in the storage tray and the airport staff makes you throw away one shampoo, 2 soaps and one toothpaste.

You’re finally close to the gate when suddenly, like a goal in the 92nd minute, a voice from the speaker announces that your flight will be delayed an hour and a half.

How to manage this additional waiting? Here’s a list of things you could do:

1) Check the number of the gate countless times, thus confirming your friend’s theory about your obsessions

2) Look for the smoking room, usually harder to find than Bohemian Rhapsody in royal blue vinyl

3) Spend a fortune in buying a wooden souvenir that your trusted second-hand dealer would have sold you at half of the price

4) Justify the unwary expense by flipping through the handbook “How to not feel guilty”.   You select “after all it’s better to have it soon rather than waiting a couple of days” as the best excuse and sit on the floor with a satisfied expression. Oh well…maybe.

5) Observe all the strange people who are rushing through the halls of the airport and realize that for some people the strange guy might be you

6) Lie down on the waiting room seat and argue with the neighbour on the arm in common

7) Call your lawyer and try to resolve the question of point 6

8) Consume the roll of your camera … uh … no, we’re not in the 90s, sorry!

9) Tap your fingers nervously on your knee up to play the drum riff of Kashmir. Look around with a guilty face.

10) Fall asleep and miss the plane. In that case, return to point n.1 of this list.

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