Teacher João Barreira in Rimini during the monitoring visit

Catarina Santos, a Portuguese student from the Secondary School Alfonso Lopes Vieira (Leiria) is doing an internship at Sistema Turismo.  She is writing a diary about her experience. Here...

Catarina Santos, a Portuguese student from the Secondary School Alfonso Lopes Vieira (Leiria) is doing an internship at Sistema Turismo. 
She is writing a diary about her experience. Here you can find the previous chapter: http://www.educationtrainingnetwork.com/magazine/2018/03/07/catarina-and-her-internship-at-sistema-turismo/


Our teacher João Barreira, director of our course, which is the Technical Professional Course in Communication, Marketing, Public Relations and Publicity of the Secondary School Afonso Lopes Vieira, came to Rimini for a few days through Erasmus Plus to see where we are studying and ask some questions about my internship in the Sistema Turismo as well as in the Cátia and Jéssica internship that is UBISERVICE SRL.
He asked what we do and what we did last month, if we are meeting the expectations that they expected us to achieve, if we do everything they ask us for, whether we are punctual, whether we are already lacking and whether our performance is going well or not.

Vasiliki  (Sistema Turismo Team) talked about my internship to the teacher in which he says that I was very punctual, that I accompany and photograph groups that come to Rimini with Irena, I write for the Blog, ETN Magazine and Facebook, and that everything is going well.
I also gave him my website as well as ETN Magazine with a stunt I wrote.

After knowing my internship I went to accompany and photograph with Irena and teacher João Barreira to UBISERVICES S.R.L. which is the internship for my colleagues. In which the professor got to know where the stage of Cátia and Jéssica is, he met their tutor as well as Giulia, he knew that they are helping Guilia in the part of writing the data of the clients in the database, that everything is run well and showed their office.

After knowing the internships I made a tour of the city, Rimini and surroundings with teacher João Barreira who asked me to show him a bit of the city, museums, marina and beach of Rimini as well as some restaurants with good food. He was then introduced to Rimini, we started with Piazza Tre Martini, then the Arco di Augusto, Piazza Cavour, Ponte di Tiberio then we went to the museums;
I presented the interactive museum from Rimini and Musei di Rimini. Finally I got to know the Marina of Rimini as well as the beaches from which we took a walk along the beach until arriving at my residence.

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