Through the barricades – May 9, Europe Day

An important day for us all

From the ruins of a bloody and devastating world war in which millions of people lost their lives, a group of far-sighted and enlightened men gave birth to an organization of States that constituted the first pillar of what later became the European Union as we know it today.

In fact in 1955 six Heads of State of six European countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands) signed in Rome the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, laying the first bases for building, in a long and not always simple path, what would then have been not only an economic but also a political Union, through the development of joint, balanced and reciprocal strategies in all sectors (work, welfare, transport, trade, etc.).

Despite bumps and risks of radical and anti-European tendencies, our European Union is still here.
And it still holds up againts the daily dangers and difficulties that the world is putting us in front of.

May Europe always be a protagonist in the world and make its voice heard.

May its citizens always embrace peace, security and respect.

May Europe always be a symbol and guarantor of human rights and equality.

May Europe always enhance its multiculturality and the richness of its diversity.

May Europe always be an emblem and an example of democracy, unity, cohesion for everybody.

May Europe always be a fruitful reservoir of peace and solidarity.

We all, as citizens and inhabitants of Europe, every day can make our contribution in this sense and we can be propagators and disseminators of the European values.
It can be done. All you have to do is believe

Believe in people, believe in Europe.


Laureata in lettere moderne, con la passione per la cultura classica, i gialli e gli animali. Un paio di anni fa ha ‘adottato’ a distanza un meraviglioso bimbo etiope di 5 anni di nome Emmanuel, a cui pensa tutti i giorni e a cui augura una vita felice e serena. Vive a Potenza, dove passa le sue giornate con la sua famiglia in compagnia di Miss Marple, Jessica Fletcher e tanti cani e gatti.

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