Berlin ETN Magazine is being launched!

Find out more about the latest events in the Berlink agency and the capital city of Germany

This year Berlink, which is part of ETN, started its own magazine in order to keep the visitors of the agency and the city posted on what’s new.

The page is ready to be discovered!

It contains information about the groups, arriving in Berlin to do their internships in different professional fields, and provides information for the students and their teachers on what they can expect here. The purpose of the magazine is to be an online guidance of the groups, which have already started their experience with Berlink, but it’s also a nice reminder for the project participants, that finished their experience and are opening the webpage from their hometowns. The Berlink team is engaging itself to provide some insights from its work flow as well, as they have gathered a lot of stories from their experience with the students’ groups and want to share them (the funny facts and the emotions) with the incoming and outgoing mobile Erasmus+ project participants. While having between 20 and 100 students during the week, the employees in the agency are gathering each day new and exciting emotions and stories, that they wish to share with the public in their reportages and articles. The writers from the Berlink agency also does not hesitate to spare some local insights of the city, as an inspiration for the project participants to go out and explore the youngest city in Germany!

Stay tuned and explore Berlin/k at!


Written by Polina Spartyanova / Editor-in-chief Berlin ETN Magazine and Student Welfare Officer at Berlink / 


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