My Portsmouth experience with ETN

Hi everybody! So glad to write again for ETN magazine, this time to talk about the great experience I had in Portsmouth just a few weeks ago. I initially...

Hi everybody! So glad to write again for ETN magazine, this time to talk about the great experience I had in Portsmouth just a few weeks ago. I initially thought this travel in England would be just a full immersion in English language and culture, during a language course at TEG schools.

From the beginning I understood this travel would not be just a way to improve my English, but a great way to get inside British lifestyle and to learn more about their uses and costumes too.

It was my first time abroad to attend a course and the very first time in Britain, so it was just the realization of a dream: I have loved English and England since I was a child, and the possibility of improving and practicing English made me extremely happy. But the best thing of the entire travel wasn’t just the morning lesson with a special and cheerful aider or the afternoon activities (laser quest, city museum tour etc.), it was the evening.

In fact I had a great fun following my favourite animator Rosa in every activity she planned for a group of Italian guys from Turin and other parts of Italy.

I lived ETN experience participating at different types of animation, such as a very nice “tea night” and a fun bowling or karaoke night, and I found it very interesting. I passed my days, only seven, just like this: from 9:30 to 12:45 in the morning I had English lesson at school, then at 13:30 the afternoon activities started until about 16:00; I had two hours to go around the city and at 19:00 I went out again with the animator to take part in the evening activities.

I stayed there from Sunday to Saturday, so I had five days of lessons and four types of evening activities: on Monday we had the “tea night” in a gorgeous local nearby Kings Theatre, then the “fish and chips” that I found very tasty, on Wednesday the very fun karaoke night, and to finish on Tuesday we went bowling. Instead, the afternoon activities were a quick city center tour, a scavenger hunt in Commercial road, the amazing laser quest, the city museum tour, and a trip to Chichester, where I could see the huge Gothic-Norman style cathedral.

At the end of the course, that for me was on the fifth day, Friday, I took a certification with a satisfying level. I learnt enjoying what I did, that in my opinion is the best way learning. I got inside British life and I could see some curious things going around the city.

For example, I paid attention to the importance bus drivers give to politeness of the people in the bus when they get on and off it. In sign of respect and thanks you always have to say things like “Good morning” when you get on, and “Thanks” or “Goodbye” when you get off.

I think that’s a good piece of advice to adapt yourself better to the lifestyle. Now I really have to thank ETN organization and especially my animator Rosa who made my stay in Portsmouth just great.

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