Innovative teaching approaches will be used to ensure effective practice and use of language. Active engagement in learning will be enhanced through creative tools, easily transferable in classroom-based situations, ensuring achieved learning results.

Price: €350 per person Language: English N° of partecipants: 8 minimum Location: Cork Duration: 5 days - 30 hours

The course will improve:

Language skills: reading, listening, speaking, writing

  • Basic concepts and terminology used for describing communication skills, reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • Potential barriers to acquiring communication skills and suggestions for helping learners overcome them
  • Teaching contexts

  • Places to teach
  • Types of classes
  • Motivation for learning English
  • Learners and the learning context
  • Different types of learners
  • Planning for learning
  • Classroom management and language
  • Language analysis and awareness

  • Basic concepts and terminology used in English Language Teaching for describing language; grammar vocabulary and pronunciation
  • This course is open to: teachers, trainers, headmasters, school and education managers, educational counsellors, project coordinators, mobility coordinators, other school staff, other adult education staff, other higher education staff, other non-governmental organization staff.

    The course comprises 5 Days:

    1st day:

  • Presentation of expected outcomes, working methods, resources
  • Introduction to the course: “English for you”
  • Objectives and goals. Teaching methods Individual work about language flexibility
  • 2nd day:

  • Focus on grammar translation: writing and reading. Focus on spoken language: learning by association meaning directly in English
  • Best practice collection and sharing. Language immersion: Learning aspects of language that cannot be replicated in a foreign classroom
  • 3nd day:

  • Focus on meanings and vocabulary. Focus on Language learning and student interaction
  • Role play-games (Simulation scenarios), information gaps, improving thinking time
  • 4th day:

  • Focus on content and participatory approach. Relevance situations: tasks, problem-solving, critical thinking and effective speaking
  • Learning by doing, language training: Interactive workshop
  • 5th day:

  • Focus on technical terminology: the language of meetings, how to make presentations, conducting negotiations, writing professional reports, emails and letters
  • Workshops
  • Final evaluation