With 6 agencies specialized in mobility for training, Education and Training Network is leader in the management of mobility projects for European students with thousands of students geared towards Europe and more than 5000 partners in 20 years of experience.

An internship and a language course abroad are interesting and useful but may cause concern and bewilderment. No problem: our qualified and friendly staff will welcome you and guide you step by step.

Traveling, learning and an open mind are keys towards success in the age of globalization, where each of us is part of a “whole”. With ETN makes it possible. Our training agencies, Training Vision, Berlink, Bulgaria Gateway, Tribeka, Training Vision Ireland and Sistema Turismo, are part of a system based on reliability and versatility.

Like links in a chain, they complement and reinforce each another, creating a bond of professionalism and stability where each student finds their best placement.

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