How to beat Nostalgia…

7 useful advice to use when it’s time to go back home

It’s the last day of the Erasmus and you find yourself sad, lonely and struggling with the memory of the farewell party of the night before.

You are packing your suitcase and between a headache and a shirt, a shirt and a headache, you can’t hold back the tears. Do you know how these things work, don’t you?

Because among new friends, your soul brother, a new culture and a sense of independence (no more abrupt alarms ‘cause “lunch’s ready!”), you really enjoyed your new lifestyle.

That’s why, in order to not turn nostalgia into sadness, here’s 7 advice to make your return home less traumatic.


2 If the first point is not possible, just think that, once you’re back home, you will finally eat properly. ‘Cause it took a lot of courage to eat those strange things you were cooking during the Erasmus, isn’t it?

3 Affected by the syndrome of the “Prodigal Son”, your parents – especially during the first few weeks – will be ready to fulfill any wish. Use their “weakness” to let them buy you the iPhone 20 they refused to give you at Christmas.

4 For your friends you will be a sort of prophet and you will spend evenings telling them stories about your time abroad with a pathos Captain Ahab would have never used about Moby Dick. Be careful not to embellish too much: your friends know you really well and you may lose credibility right away.

5 A beautiful but intense period, the Erasmus: language classes, the effort of being punctual, the internship and various parties (the existence is not just “work, work, work”): ehy, you didn’t have time for a rest. And so, once you are back, sing along with Mika:

6 Your plane landed so you can avoid reading this article on airports:

7 Once you have recuperated from the jet-party-lag, you can take the opportunity to think about…the next journey.

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